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Top tips for the IT job Interview

04 Jan 2023

Top tips for the IT job Interview

Here you are with the big news, your CV / Resume is selected and you are called in for the next round. It could be a telephonic interview or a remote coding challenge and once you clear them, you are in to the final round - The Technical Interview.

Technical interview for an IT Job is very challenging and feels more like an exam rather than a question and answer session. So this would require proper focus and preparation to excel. We’ve compiled a list of top tips for each stage of a Tech job interview.

Round 1 - Cracking Telephone or Screen based Interview

First Impression is the best impression

Recruiters are mainly looking for the enthusiasm in the jobseeker with regards to the role, company. So focus on conveying your soft skills, speak your zeal for the job, how you can be a part of a team, why you like this job etc

Briefly explain your Tech experience

Another important thing to consider at this stage is showcasing your tech experience. Give them a brief and precise information about your degree and the technical experience you’ve had. Recruiters are interested in your CV, now give them another reason to hire you.

It has similar stages like any other job interview. Starting from phone screening till the final development challenge, it can seem daunting but if you understand the motive of the recruiter and focus one at a time, you sure can land an IT Job.

Round 2 - Clearing Remote coding challenge or assignment

Some companies have a remote coding assignment for jobseekers before they can attend the face to face interview, on the other hand some have it right in the technical round. If are in a remote assignment, then you usually have enough number of days to finish the challenge.

Quality Code gets you the spot

The main objective here is to check your coding skills and the quality of the project that you work on. So stick to the standard coding conventions. Try using adaptive techniques and patterns like solid principles. Make sure to avoid code smells and do proper documentation where ever needed.

Slow and Steady wins the race

Although you'll have to submit the assignment in allocated duration but take your time make sure you do it properly, think it through and make sure to focus on quality rather than speed.

Focus on collaborative skills

Focus on collaborative skills. Before you start the assignment have a thorough understanding of the challenge, ask the right questions. If you are stuck stay clam, think out loud and do your research online.

Round 3 - Mastering at Technical Interview- Final round

You are in the final round. One step away from your dream job. This interview is usually conducted in Employer’s offices, so they can interview you in person. So get yourself a sharp and professional look. Arrive on time or a few minutes earlier, so you have some time to prepare yourself mentally. If you are applying for an overseas job, you might have this interview remotely over a video call.

Excel in Coding challenges

If haven’t done any remote coding assignments then be prepare yourself for some coding exercises in this round.
Hiring managers would be looking for creative thinking and problem solving abilities. They would be rather more interested in how you get to the solution than the solution itself. So think carefully, don’t get nervous stay focussed and ask questions where ever you feel confused.
Keep articulating your thoughts, think out loud, brainstorm different ideas and strategies to tackle the problem

Communication skills

Compare to other stages this round seems to be nerve racking, but stay calm and remember that recruiter is spending time to interview you because they want to hire you, so give them every reason to do so.

Speak clearly and precisely and be honest about your knowledge. If not sure of something, be sure to ask plenty of questions. Show them that you can fit in their team and can handle different scenarios.

After the interview make sure to follow up. In case things don't go your way, don't hesitate to ask for feedback. All the best for your future interviews from GlobalTechnologyJobs Team.

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